A Streamlined, Innovative, and Cost-effective Approach that Assists Dealers, OEMs, and Third-Party Retail Partners to Protect Sensitive Consumer Data Privacy While Reducing Costs, Non-Compliance Penalties and Overall Liability.

Programs Address CPRA-CCPA-PCI DSS-CISA and GLBA Consumer Data Compliance and Cyber Security.

SDP Simplifies Complex Cyber-IT and Consumer Data Privacy Compliance

Managed Services for Consumer Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance for Dealers and Their Retail Partners

About Sensitive Data Protect

Incorporated in Delaware, HQ in Chicago and offices in Portland, OR,  SDP LLC was created by automotive retail & data compliance management experts focused on crucial data privacy regulations & Cyber IT security compliance challenges facing Dealers who share sensitive consumer data with their OEMs and Third-Party Retail Partners.

In today’s complex IT systems, dealers share sensitive consumer data with approximately 20 retail partners per rooftop on average. Dealers need to ensure your OEMs and third-party software partners are safeguarding shared consumer information!

New and expanding data privacy regulations across the country have increased dealer’s liability and the need for protecting and managing shared consumer data across multiple software applications. The legal risks for dealers sharing consumer data with OEMs and their Retail Partners has never been higher. Dealer third-party providers have a growing responsibility for protecting shared sensitive consumer data. These liable constituents include OEMs, financial institutions, insurance companies, DMS providers, Third-Party software & aftermarket companies as well as federal, state and county governments.

SDP’s managed services uncover consumer data protection non-compliance. Our services provide protection by detecting and preventing violations, reducing your chances of heavy fines and costly litigation. By improving your consumer data regulatory compliance, you avoid the threat to your dealership’s financial performance, valuation and/or your reputation with customers and partners as new laws and regulations emerge across the country.

Managed Services
5 STEP Framework

Tailored for Dealers and Their Retail Partners….SDP is the Most Comprehensive and Reliable Compliance Program Available For CPRA-CCPA-PCI DSS-CISA & GLBA

1: Assessment

  • Discovery of all assets/IP—local/cloud/mobile addresses on your network
  • Identify Compliance Risks with 10 Key Questions for Dealers
  • Automated Security Assessment Questionnaire for Dealers and Retail Partners
  • Profile Risk and Liability Exposure
  • Report and Outline SDP LLC Compliance Approach

2. Scanning

  • Complete Regulatory Testing
  • External IPs and Internal End Points & Devices Including Email
  • Market Leading Virtual Scanning Tools with Specially Designed Scanning of DMS
  • Optimize Testing Across 4 Key Regulatory Areas
  • Enjoy Economies of Scale With Breadth of SDP Tools

3 Vulnerability Reports

  • Management Summary And Detailed Technical Reports
  • Liability Cost Measurement & Estimates
  • Reduces Cost Of Compliance & Risk of Data Security Breaches

4: Remediation Steps

  • Detailed Action Plan & Report
  • Remediation of Sensitive Consumer Data Vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive Data Re-Scanning Ensuring Compliance
  • Certification Reports to State Agencies and Merchant Banks

5: Data Privacy & Cyber Security Insurance

  • Simple 2 Page Application With 48 Hour Turn Around & Policy Binder
  • Comprehensive Policy Coverage for Compliance & Cyber IT Data Breach Liabilities Underwritten by Tokio Marine – Rated an A.M. Best A++ (Superior) Global Insurer
  • Lowest Premiums and Deductibles Available


New Consumer Data Privacy regulations are expanding compliance requirements across the country. You know day-to-day compliance management is painful. Effectively managing Consumer Data Privacy Regulations requires SDP’s tools, know-how and services designed specifically to support every stage of your dealership’s data privacy compliance effort. Efficiently complying with regulatory requirements is critical to the growth of your dealership and increases the effectiveness of your third-party retail partners’ services. We are experienced professionals who work to achieve your mandatory consumer data compliance and risk management goals simply and easily. We understand that these compliance programs must be balanced with dealership profitability as well as with the data sharing needs of your DMS & Third-Party software providers supporting your sales and service ecosystem.   

You can rely on SDP to know where sensitive consumer data is located across your DMS and internal devices used by your staff as well as the many Third-Party Applications using that shared sensitive consumer data. SDP assists dealer management and retail partners in understanding how to comply with new and expanding consumer data privacy regulatory requirements. With our guidance and services, you will reduce your risks and potential penalties that drive your liabilities, while protecting and enhancing the value of your dealership.

In short, better managing and protecting sensitive consumer data you can increase your dealership’s value by…

  • Ensuring Compliance Across the Dealers’ DMS-Centric & IT Ecosystem
  • Supporting 3rd-Party Software Provider Compliance You Share Sensitive Consumer Data
  • Streamlining Dealership Compliance & Remediation for Sensitive Consumer Data
  • Enforcing Data Privacy Policies & Procedures Across Dealerships & Retail Partners
  • Limiting Liability with Insurance Programs to Mitigate Your Risks